Omlet Chat is the first app “hatched” by Omlet Inc. a start-up in the StartX incubator at Stanford, founded by serial entrepreneur and Stanford Computer Science Professor Monica Lam and her team of three Stanford CS PhD candidates. Omlet was founded in 2012 after three years of research funded by a National Science Foundation grant for the MobiSocial Lab at Stanford.


Omlet is reinventing social networking by making the user the customer rather than the product. For over a decade consumer internet and mobile experiences have been dominated by products that capture and monetize users’ data. Omlet envisions a future in which we each own and manage our own photos, chats, and emails, without privacy concerns and hyper-targeted advertising.


Omlet is an Open Messaging Platform, a new standard for mobile messaging applications that leverages the unique attributes of the phone to enable consumers to “share anything, with anyone, anywhere,” while owning the data they share. Omlet is working closely with a wide range of device manufacturers, telecommunication carriers, and consumer data storage vendors to make Omlet as widely available as possible to redefine and evolve the Open Messaging marketplace.

Social Sharing Reinvented

Omlet Chat enables consumers to share anything (text, images, files, video, music), with anyone, from any device (IOS or Android). One of the key features of Omlet Chat is the ability for groups to find, connect, and collaborate with one another. This enables users to create “social galleries” of their photos or chat with new friends without sharing any personal information regardless of what other networks they belong to. By leveraging the power of the phone and its social DNA, Omlet Chat will introduce the new “Open Messaging” experience to the global marketplace. Smartphone and tablet provider ASUS is embedding Omlet Chat as a native app on all units of ZenFone, the revolutionary new phone that it unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 6, 2014 and released April 8, 2014.

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