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Stanford professor calls out Facebook
-Handelsblatt 7/12/14

Could become a serious competitor for Facebook - if mobile operators and device manufacturers join.

The Revolution Will Not Be Monetized
-Inc. 6/09/14

Omlet is an insanely ambitious assault on the entire Facebook model of mobile social networking.

Hiding from big data
-The Economist 6/07/14

A new social-messaging service launched by Monica Lam of Stanford University... the service is free, with no centralised ownership of data on the network

Tizen developers gather this week; Omlet messaging platform to add some edginess
-ComputerWorld 6/2/14

Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch to work with Omlet and HTML 5 for third-party developers to make apps that keep messages private.

The Re-Emergence of the Private Social Network
-Forbes 4/09/14

Amid a big year of data security concerns and intellectual property issues with 3rd party social networks, it’s no wonder Stanford University’s registrar Tom Black has turned to private.

Neues Chat-Programm: Omlet macht Facebook und WhatsApp Konkurrenz
-Der Spiegel 4/07/14

Omlet ist mehr als ein buntes Chat-Programm: Bei dem dezentralen Netzwerk kümmern sich die Nutzer selbst um das Speichern ihrer Daten. Die Alternative zu Facebook und WhatsApp wurde mit US-Steuergeldern finanziert.

This Stanford team is reinventing the entire Internet for just $10M
-VentureBeat 3/28/14

If anyone tries to tell you that government grants play no role in technology innovation, point them to the field of software-defined networking.

Dispatches from SXSW: Social Media Start-Ups
-New York Times 3/18/14

It's not a social network but an open messaging system.

Stanford lab launches new privacy-based social network
-Kurzweil News 3/14/14

A new type of social network, called Omlet that allows users to control their own personal data.

6 Things I Judged and Liked at This Year’s SXSW Accelerator
-Time 3/11/14

Half-dozen of the companies in my portion of the Accelerator that tickled my fancy.

7 Things You Need to Know Today
-Inc. 3/11/2014

A roundup of the day's news curated by the Inc. editorial team to help you and your business succeed.

Stanford lab yields new privacy-based social network
-Stanford News 3/10/14

With rising public interest in what developers refer to as the "privacy economy," a new app allows users to control their personal data.

Omlet Launches Privacy Focused Chat App At SXSW 2014
-TechCrunch 3/9/14

The bright minds at Stanford who created Omlet have a different idea about how communication should work.

Does Facebook have anything to worry about from this brash startup?
-Silicon Valley Business Journal 3/7/14

The UpTake: Monica Lam has anything but a modest goal for SXSW. She just wants to overturn the business model for Facebook and other closed social networks.

In the Press

Who's not on the CNBC NEXT LIST
-CNBC 10/6/14

CNBC's NEXT LIST is surprisingly heavy with entrepreneurs and surprisingly light on corporate titans

Messaging on Android Wear
-Android Developers Blog 9/17/14

Omlet includes two extra actions with every message: Like and Check-In. Check-In sends along the user's current location.

Omlet Chat: un’app di messaggistica istantanea gratuita e rispettosa della privacy
-TuttoAndroid 9/3/14

Al lungo elenco si aggiunge anche l’interessante Omlet Chat che offre quasi tutte le classiche funzioni di app come Whatsapp, ma include anche altre caratteristiche che potrebbero colpire l’interesse degli utenti Android, soprattutto quelli che desiderano tutelare al meglio i propri dati.

Omlet: una simpatica alternativa a WhatsApp e simili (foto e video)
-AndroidWorld Italy 9/3/14

Omlet, app gratuita, fornisce un’ulteriore alternativa a WhatsApp e affini per scambiare messaggi con gli amici offrendo un’interfaccia ben curata e ricca di funzioni che promettono un’esperienza unica.

The anonymity economy: Are you willing to break up with Facebook and Twitter?
-Silicon Valley Business Jounral 8/29/14

The prospect of virtual reality products like Facebook’s Oculus Rift that can track how people express intentions — even unconsciously — heightens the stakes even more.

史上最聰明的行動分享平台:Omlet聊天室 交友聊天最歡樂
-ASUS ZenTalk 8/13/14

五大特色超貼心 Omlet聊天室最懂您的心

ZenUI 的「Omlet 聊天室」讓您用智慧型手錶和朋友快樂談天
-ASUS ZenTalk 8/8/14

直接對著 Android Wear手錶說話 語音輸入將會自動轉換成文字簡訊

'Omlet' App Could Be a Game-Changer For Smartwatches
-GizBot 6/25/14

Why is Stanford professor Monica Lam's 'Omlet' app a possible game-changer for any new smartwatch using Android Wear?

3 Trends Marketers in Asia Can Learn From SXSW Interactive
-ClickZ 4/3/14

Big brands jumping on start-ups, privacy, and data ownership were among the key themes at the Austin, Texas-based event, which held valuable lessons for APAC marketers.

Privacy Goes Mainstream at SXSW and TED2014
-Privacy Association 3/22/14

For those immersed in the privacy profession, the last few years have seen a dramatic change in the public’s awareness of privacy issues, rising from relative obscurity to downright mainstream.

Key Themes from SXSW Interactive: Privacy, Policy and Pitch Competitions
-Texas Economic Progress 3/20/14

It seemed that everyone at SX was asking the question “What do we do with all of this data?”

Infographic: Wearables and privacy knock hardware and hacking off SXSW top trends
-The Drum 3/14/14

Edward Snowden beat Julian Assange, Lady Gaga beat Grumpy Cat and Omlet beat Secret App at SXSW.

Mobile App Standouts from SXSW 2014
-The Recapp 3/14/14

As for big social apps, Omlet might be the next source of entertainment.

5 Must-Have Apps That Launched at SXSW 2014
-Atomic Axis 3/14/14

We found a handful of mobile apps that have us excited this year.

Sorry, Snowden: Facebook, Google Aren't Going to Abandon Ads
-Mashable 3/14/14

Just a year or so ago, Millennials were being scolded for oversharing. Overnight, they've become security conscious.

The Apps of March—SXSW Edition
-Pixel Push 3/13/14

If there is a wider theme of SXSW 2014 it is privacy.

SXSW Interactive 2014: Is it All Worth It?
-Applied Arts Mag 3/13/14

The last in our series of guest posts by Michelle Campbell, senior planner and digital strategist for the TELUS account at TAXI Canada. Michelle attended the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin.

Omlet Is The New Privacy Focused Chat App In Town
-Crazy Engineers 3/10/14

At a time when users have started acknowledging the dangers of closed networks...

Researchers Create Privacy-based Social Network
-Laboratory Equipment 3/10/14

Free of data monetization and decentralized Omlet Chat is a new approach to social networks.

Privacy Focused Chat App Omlet Launches At SXSW
-Social News Daily 3/9/14

A different idea on how we should go about communicating.

SXSW 2014 Accelerator: Social Apps
-BestTechie 3/8/14

A look at four that stood out.

Stanford Offshoot Launches Omlet™, The World's First Open Platform For Mobile Sharing And Collaboration
-PR Newswire 3/7/14

ASUS ZenFones and Stanford University Among Omlet's Early Adopters.

Asus Releases Android KitKat Update Rollout Schedule for PadFone Series Devices
-International Business Times 2/28/14

ASUS CES Announcement

International Press

Neues Chat-Programm: Omlet macht Facebook und WhatsApp Konkurrenz
-Der Spiegel 4/07/14

Omlet ist mehr als ein buntes Chat-Programm: Bei dem dezentralen Netzwerk kümmern sich die Nutzer selbst um das Speichern ihrer Daten. Die Alternative zu Facebook und WhatsApp wurde mit US-Steuergeldern finanziert.

個人情報を管理したい人向け データ保管場所を決められるチャットアプリ「Omlet」
-My Navi 3/17/14

個人情報を管理したい人向け データ保管場所を決められるチャットアプリ「Omlet」

Privacidad y seguridad digital, tendencia tecnológica del 2014
-El Espectador 3/12/14

Miles de programadores y expertos informáticos se reunieron en Austin, Texas.

-TechCrunch 4/10/14


-Sohu 3/10/14


تطبيق Omlet لتواصل آمن
-Akhbaar24 3/10/14

تطبيق Omlet لتواصل آمن

Omlet Chat, mooie en complete messenger met GIF's
-Android World 1/8/14

Deze applicatie zal niet de laatste zijn die een aanval wil doen op de status van WhatsApp en Line.